Tuesday, 3 April 2018

AISS Employee Management System

AISS Employee Management System

Online Employee management systems with attendance, salary, payslip,
appointment, experience, conduct certificates. Manage employees with
better and faster solutions.

Attendance Management
Online Employee Management
Salary Management
Employee Work Progress
Leave Management

Managing In-Time and Out-Time
Festivals and Holidays
Half Day/Full Day Markings
Manage Shifts and Grace Time
Weekend option for Saturday & Sunday

Personal & Contact Information
Probation and Termination Limit
Joining & Re-leaving Dates
Certificate For Security
Appointment, Experience, Conduct Letters

Automatic Salary Calculation
Count of Full Days, Half Days, Absents
Working Days & Salary Days
Current Salary & Salary To Pay
Total Of All Salaries To Pay

Daily Work Submission
Logo & Name On Letterhead Option
Authorised Signatory Name & Designation
Employee Age Limit
Month Wise Attendance Reports

Apply For Leave
Leave Approved/Denied
Limit On Salary Only For Presents
No Salary If Leaves Limit Exceeds

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