Tuesday, 2 July 2013

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You dont need to worry when you start seeing some problems with your tablet device. All you need is to look for the right tablet repair center that can solve your problem.

1. Problem: Tablet PC cant boot?
Solution: Connect to USB port of your PC or charger adaptor to see if it is low battery. If so, please charge for a while and them boot again. If it is still unable to boot, please contact our customer service team.

2. Problem: No sound from earphone?
Solution: Check the volume to see if it is zero and then check the connection of earphone.

3. Problem: Unable to open the file menu on the main interface?
Solution: Check if it has been locked. If so, unlock and try again.

4. Problem: Severe noise from tablet PC?
Solution: First, check the music file if it is damaged and try other files. Second, check the earphone plug to see if it is clean, contamination will result in noise.

5. Problem: Tablet system halted?
Solution: System halted during operation, please reset and boot again. Low battery may sometimes lead to system crash.

6. Problem: Unable to download files?
Solution: Make sure the connection between computer and tablet is right(After connected to computer, computer will recognize tablet as a USB device and show drive letter) . Check the storage if it is full and check the USB cable if it is broken.

7. Problem: No drive letter on the lower right corner of computer when connected to computer?
Solution: Connect tablet to computer with USB cable when it is running, drag the status bar on the top of the interface, choose USB load and execute USB installation.

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