Wednesday, 27 February 2013

I chose 5 Star based on the # of positive comments

Praveen Kumar Says:

I chose 5 Star based on the # of positive comments left for him. I've got to tell you Greg saved me a couple of grand fixing my PC. I was planning to go MAC and not look back but all I needed was a simple fan replacement.

I took my laptop to and watched them take it apart. Watching them take layer after layer (tiny screw after tiny screw) off my PC was.....mind boggling. I didn't know there were so many layers. It was like a Soduko ® puzzle cubed. Very hard, meticulous and not something I could've done on my own.

But let's cut the crap and get to what you really want to know. My laptop would cut off after running for 2 minutes. After typing in my password, it moved slowly and then it would cut off. So I was planning to go get another one but thank goodness for Staff of expertise.

They explained everything to me in non-computer savvy terms. I felt very comfortable paying the price. I got my laptop back in 8 days. No BS, and the delay was only because they were waiting for the part. After they got the part they immediately called me. Now remember I was going to get a Rs. 80,000 MacPro but he rescued my "PC in Distress". This was about 2 months ago that they fixed it. I didn't want to jump the gun & leave a comment before knowing that my laptop was working properly. So my laptop has been working great ever since. The bottom of my laptop no longer feels like it's on fire. It no longer cuts off after being turned on.

So for those that have a PC that's a few years old and cuts off... it might just be the fan. But take it to and LET THEM TAKE IT APART FOR YOU. DON'T try to take it apart yourself. It's like 5 darn layers of "stuff" under that keyboard. Each layer has tiny screws and this and that and....I got a headache watching them and trying to keep track of every little piece. I don't know how they did it but "THEY ARE PROFESSIONALS".

So there you have it. $ave money, take it to Leave more feedback for them who works for the customer benefit.

Thank you